Sometimes you've got to be seen to be believed.

Welcome Warriors…

Living with a chronic illness can be tough, yet it’s amazing the strength, inspiration, and resilience these warriors show every day!

Invisible Warrior Wear celebrates that and is designed by warriors for warriors in an effort to break with the stigma of invisible illnesses, proudly as a community.

How do we work?

Our designs are created using our print-on-design partner Printful. Meaning that all orders are printed and fulfilled by them once it is placed. This allows us to continue to work on bringing new ideas and designs to you and let their amazing technology and logistics take care of making and getting your items to you.

This also means we can work even closer with you and create custom designs based on your ideas just for you which are meaningful to you. You can see a few of these already in our ‘Inspired By Warriors’ collections. Plus, if you have an idea you would love to see you can also get in touch and tell us more about it by clicking here.

Contributions will be made back to the incredible charities that support our journeys from purchases of our items. Thank you for being visible and supporting each other.

All of our products are created with our Print-on-Demand partner, Printful who enable us to bring you an ever-growing selection of designs and styles which can then be ordered and printed just for you and shipped worldwide thanks to their amazing network of print suppliers.

Please be aware that the designs on the website are visualisations meaning that in some cases colours may appear slightly more tonal rather than vivid on actual garments due to the nature of printing.

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Do you have an idea for a design or a collection you’d like to see created?

More than an online store…

Invisible Warrior Wear is about so much more than the items in our collections!

Our goal is to provide connections and community for all warriors across a wide range of invisible illnesses as there are so many similarities and challenges we all face every day.

It’s also a celebration of some amazingly inspiring people… our ambassadors!

From One Spoonie to Another

The inspiration behind Spoonie Warrior Shop is to raise awareness of rare, chronic and invisible illnesses and to bring happiness and extra spoons to spoonies around the world.

The director of the business, Emma Kay, is a fellow spoonie currently suffering from undiagnosed chronic pain and chronic fatigue. After joining the online chronic illness community on her Instagram @chronic_to_coastguard, Emma discovered just how loving and vibrant the spoonie community is.

Being unable to work due to both Coronavirus and her declining physical health, Emma decided to found Spoonie Warrior Shop with the hope of it allowing her to work from home, raise awareness and give something back to the spoonie community all at the same time.