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? Hello fellow warriors! Nice to “meet” you! I’m Amy & I’m 29, from the UK.

Amy’s Story…

? I’ve had a permanent ileostomy due to Crohn’s Disease & a large, benign tumour which was on my colon since 2011. My surgery saved my life & although chronic illness & stoma bag life isn’t without its problems, I increasingly do everything I can (of course, days where I struggle too, but that’s human) to embrace my stoma bag, celebrate the skin I’m in & navigate the many chronic illness twists & turns.

? I am so happy & honoured to have been asked to be Invisible Warrior Wear’s first ambassador! I especially love the minimalistic design of the brand itself & their product designs & how the passion shines through for wanting to support those who live with chronic illness. Just because a lot of illnesses may be invisible to the eye, you are NOT invisible. You matter. So much. You are not alone.

? You are also NOT the sum of what you have been through, you are much more than that…but it’s safe to say those things have had a part in shaping you into the incredible warrior you are today, some of us possessing visible warrior stripes as armour also.

? Awareness means promoting educating people & helping them to develop an understanding with the hope of normalising IBD & helping to reduce stigma. Stigma is a word I use lightly, as often stigma comes from a lack of understanding rather than ignorance. However, there are still those people who refuse to understand or accept it, who are a lot harder to crack!

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Hi! My name is Ashley & I live in Ontario, Canada with multiple chronic illnesses.

Ashley’s Story…

I have many chronic illness diagnoses. However, there are a few that have taken over my life & leave me with everyday limitations & a vigorous medical routine.

I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a condition that effects your connective tissue such as your skin, joints and organs. It can result in co-conditions which I do suffer from. I was just diagnosed in May 2019. I also have Hereditary Alpha Tryptasemia with secondary Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. I was diagnosed with Mast Cell Disease in 2011, with my symptoms worsening over time. Out of all my conditions, this one effects my quality of life the most. I react to so many different things. Scents, foods, temperature changes, cleaners, etc. It makes going out in public hard & scary. I do not have any safe food/drink besides water & a few safe foods.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis/Intestinal Dysmotility, which is partial paralysis of the stomach/intestines. Food doesn’t digest & can stay in the stomach for days causing a handful of symptoms & malnutrition. I’ve had a central line for 4.5 years for IV fluids & TPN (IV nutrition) which I have been dependent on for 4 years. I run these infusions over a 12 hour period every day. I also have dysautonomia which effects the autonomic nervous system resulting in symptoms such orthostatic intolerance, tachycardia & pre-syncope.

I’ve become very passionate over the years on being an advocate for chronic illness by sharing my story & relatable quotes & interacting with others! I am excited to be an ambassador for Invisible Warrior Wear.

I am grateful for the online chronic illness community. While us chronic patients may not always feel it, we do carry a strength that allows us to fight everyday. You never know what battle someone is facing, so be kind, always.?

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My name is Scott I’m 29, and my journey with IBD began just over a year ago.

Scott’s Story…

My name is Scott I’m 29, and my journey with IBD began just over a year ago.
I first noticed symptoms just before my 28th birthday. At first it was just a bit of blood but over the course of a few weeks it got noticeably heavier. I contacted my doctors straight away and after months and months of appointments, phone calls and constantly pushing them I managed to get an appointment for a colonoscopy in November 2019.
I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and since then my entire life has changed. So many highs and lows. One day I feel like I’m smashing it and then the next I’m broken.
I’ve tried to educate myself as much as I can since being diagnosed and I’m still learning so much. However, there is one thing that has really helped me manage having IBD and that’s the community that comes with it!
There are so many helpful, supportive, educated, and amazing people out there sharing their stories, experiences, and advice. It’s so inspiring and it’s what led me to create my IBD workouts page.
I wanted to see how I could give back to the community, what I had to offer and how I could play my part in raising awareness!
All in all, I’m grateful for this awful disease because it’s made me a better, more caring and understanding person.

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Hi everyone! I’m Louise and suffer from scoliosis and chronic pain daily.

Louise’s Story…

Hi everyone! I’m Louise and suffer from scoliosis and chronic pain.

I love my new t-shirt from Invisible Warrior Wear and so proud to have been asked to be an ambassador for this new clothing range, designed to raise awareness of Invisible Illness and conditions.

With having severe #scoliosis myself and suffering from chronic pain, weakness/numbness and anxiety on a daily basis, I understand how difficult it can be like to live with an “invisible” condition and I’m passionate about raising awareness.

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Hi everyone, I’m Steff, a young woman living with Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Steff’s Story…

I’m so excited to announce that I’m now an ambassador for Invisible Warrior Wear! ?

I’m a young woman living with Ankylosing Spondylitis. I advocate on social media for both chronic and mental illnesses and dedicate my life to helping others with these difficult conditions.

Those of us with invisible illnesses are WARRIORS so go grab yourself some amazing new threads!

Use code FUNKLESS for 10% off! ?

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Hi all, my name’s Miren I’ve have been suffering from Crohns for around 14 years.

Miren’s Story…

Hi all, my names Miren and I am excited and honoured to become a brand ambassador for Invisible Warrior Wear and here is a insight into my journey with Crohns so far…

I’ve have been suffering from Crohns for around 14 years now. This invisible illness has been such a massive burden on my life especially from 2007 – 2016. During this time I tried so many different types of medications but to no avail. In 2010, unfortunately I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer which required 6 months of Chemotherapy. I managed to become cancer free and continued with my life trying to manage my Crohns. In 2016, after my Crohns symptoms became unbearable I finally took the plunge and had a life changing operation where a part of my large bowel was brought to the outer surface of my body to form a stoma and provide me with a colostomy bag.

I cannot emphasis enough how this procedure has changed my life for the better. Therefore anyone who is in two minds about a stoma, ileostomy or colostomy I truly recommend going ahead with the surgery.

Don’t be afraid to speak up or get advice about Crohns, Colitis or IBS, there are many people living with this “invisible illnesses” and we can fight it together??

#DontBeJudged #InvisibleIllnessWarrior“

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Hello there friends, my name is Sammy, I suffer from a severe form of Dysautonomia.

Sammy’s Story…

Hello there friends, my name is Sammy, I am 24 years old and the newest member of the Invisible Warrior Wear family♿

When I came across this account, I just loved their clothing line from the get go, the quality, the humour and the messages behind the designs are just so powerful. I mostly love the simplicity of the styles as I think the message is made loud and clear in all of their collections and I’m all about the awareness✌

I am absolutely honoured to have been asked to hop on board as their newest ambassador and I’d just like to say a huge thank you for inviting me with open arms into the fam?

I suffer myself with a severe form of Dysautonomia. This effects my heart, bowel and bladder the most. Dysautonomia is an autonomic dysfunction of the bodies central nervous system. Therefor I have alot of problems with things like, my heart rhythms, blood pressure, temperature control, swallowing, digestion and urinating to name a few.

Basically anything your body handles automatically for you, mine isn’t too great at you see?

Over the last year things have progressed and my bladder has now totally given up on me. This has lead to numerous surgeries but I have unfortunately ended up with a Suprapubic catheter through my tummy which drains my urine 24/7 into a bag attached to my leg. Although this little bag has saved my life in many ways, it has definitely come with it’s own complications and issues but we are trying our best to build a positive friendship regardless of our rocky start?

As my condition itself is so poorly understood, awareness will always hold a huge place in my heart. Bit by bit, me and my little bag of pee plan to make our invisible illness that little less invisible – so who’s with me?♿

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I’m Kirsty, 34, from Manchester, my goal is to raise chronic health awareness.

Kirsty’s Story…

So thrilled to have been asked to be an Ambassador for Invisible Warrior Wear alongside some amazing warriors!

I’m Kirsty, 34, from Manchester in the UK and my goal is to raise awareness on what it’s like to live with chronic health issues.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a few of these health issues. The main one I’ve struggled with since I was 8 years old though, is Crohns Disease, a type of IBD.

Like a lot of you, I went through the motions; tests, changes in diet, meds that didn’t work… Eventually, in ’99 I underwent surgery and Scarlet the stoma, an ileostomy to be precise, came into existence.

As time advanced, more meds were tried, more surgery was needed (I stopped counting surgical procedures when I got to 40) and more conditions were diagnosed, amongst them:

 – Chronic pain (due to nerve damage)

– Hypermobility (which causes joint pain) and;

– Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (a side effect of the medications to control my Crohns).

As my fellow warriors will know, living with chronic health conditions is a challenge. I have spent the majority of my life in a battle with my own body. It’s a battle I will never win, but that doesn’t mean I will ever give up the fight! ?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a warrior as ‘A brave or experienced soldier or fighter.’ And I see so many warriors that fit this description among our online chronic illness communities.

I am thankful to Invisible Warrior Wear for asking me to join in representing their brand and all of the amazing warriors out there, who continue to fight their own individual battles on a daily basis. You all inspire me! ♡

Please feel free to follow my journey @sototallykickass

My inbox is always open for a chat!

Before that though, go check out the amazing merchandise Invisible Warrior Wear has to offer. I received my first hoodie a few days ago and I am obsessed! ? It is so cosy and such good quality! There are several designs available and they are continually adding to their collections. Honestly, it’s the best investment you’ll make this year ?

For 10% of your purchase use my discount code KICKASS at the checkout! ♡

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Hi, I’m Gem, diagnosed with Fibromyalgia & Hypermobile Ehler Danlos Syndrome.

Gem’s Story…

Hi, I am Gem,

I am so pleased to be a brand ambassador for this amazing company Invisible Warrior Wear. I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Hypermobile Ehler Danlos Syndrome 12 years ago. I have chronic pain, aches and fatigue. I also have Asthma, Raynauds, Anxiety and Acid Reflux. I love everything this brand represents and I am all about spreading awareness of invisible illnesses.

Peace, love and strength xxx

Please check out this amazing site and use code GEMTER10 for some discount xx

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Hey! 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m Kirsty, I’ve had type 1 diabetes since the age of 11 years old.

Kirsty’s Story…

Hey! 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m Kirsty, I’m super happy and proud to be an ambassador for Invisible Warrior Wear 💜🖤

I’ve not long truly been in the invisible illness community, even though I’ve had one since the age of 11, now at 33 I’ve had a lot more to take on. I’ve had type 1 diabetes all these years which was the start of my body simply working against me and not for me! It was a lot to take in but it soon became part of life, injecting multiple times daily to stay alive is just like brushing my teeth now, I do it without thinking! Then I developed an under active thyroid a few years after that. I’ve never let these things stop me or define me, having completing 9 half marathons up till last year! Then in November last year my body really gave up on me and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia soon to be followed by rheumatoid arthritis and more to add to the list on going! 😖

This community has been such amazing support and help for me since then! My understanding and compassion has grown hugely in the last 5months, understanding that should have way more awareness than it does! So I’m proud to represent this community! I was a personal trainer before all this and have had to go from someone who never sat down to now being someone who struggles to get up so it’s been a real shock to me! When I look back over the years I know I’ve been slightly suffering but it’s now all come very fiercely in one go! I’m new to all this but I will grow with! My new journey has just begun and if you want to follow me and support me through it then please do @ks_chronic_fibro_life I’ve met some incredible people so far and I know that will keep growing!

Thanks for having me on the team and if you want to get some awesome wears to show your support you can use my code IWKSF10 to get some discount! ✌🏻💜

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Hi everyone, I’m Sarah. I have had various invisible illnesses from childhood.

Sarah’s Story…

Hi everyone, I’m Sarah, 47 from Somerset. Some of you may know me as @muddybootsandcountrypursuits where I share my life in and love of the countryside.

As someone who has suffered with various chronic invisible illnesses including asthma, anxiety and depression from childhood, Interstitial Cystitis since my 20’s and being diagnosed with Linear IgA Disease (similar in nature to Coeliac Disease) from gluten intolerance 16 years ago, it was amazing to discover a brand who design gorgeous yet humorous clothing, who were dedicated to supporting us spoonies, helping educate and raise awareness of invisible illnesses and helping reduce the stigma around them.

You might look at my account and see a happy, smiling face, ready and willing to share a laugh but every day for me is a challenge, where flares, pain, bloating, diarrhea, itchy, blistered skin, all whilst keeping the black dog at bay are both physically and mentally exhausting.

I am however passionate about sharing empathy, inclusion and helping others raise their voices, which is why I am extremely proud and delighted to have been asked to join the Invisible Warrior Wear family. No one with an invisible disease or disability should live in fear of embarrassment or exclusion. I am determined to help spread the word of what warriors we are and being part of this new brand is extremely important and exciting for me.

Although our invisible illnesses are not seen you can help raise awareness for us spoonies by checking out the amazing range of clothing, which keeps growing as awareness of our conditions and help us all become more visible! You can also enter my discount code WARRIOR74 for a cheeky discount too.

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Hi, I’m Nicole, an American living in the UK and I have four chronic illnesses.

Nicole’s Story…

Hi, my name’s Nicole I’m 23 and I’m so excited to be working with Invisible Warrior Wear. I’m currently living and studying in Birmingham UK although I am from America.

I myself have four chronic illnesses the first and the longest being type 1 diabetes, followed by gastroparesis, endometriosis and CRPS. I’ve lived with some form of chronic illness for more than half of my life and every single day is different from the last.

Some days are wonderful and great while others are a struggle mentally, physically or both but one thing I’ve learned from living with a chronic illness is that it does not define me rather it strengthens me… I would not be who I am today without my chronic illness or the journey they’ve lead me on. I define my illnesses, my illnesses do not define me 💜💜

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